The basics to reference your professional website easily

You have understood the interest of a website for your business, it is good but to ensure that it attracts a large number of visitors is essential! Indeed, the Web is home to a colossal amount of content and stand out may appear unrealistic. Yet, by following a few basic principles and dedicating some time to its SEO , we can take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet. As a point of sale, a professional website must be visible.

SEO, what is it?

Very widely, referencing a website refers to the means that users have to find it, either by search engines, or by links. A well referenced site will be more easily accessible to users who are looking for information related to this site.

Marketing referencing, meanwhile, includes all the tools and techniques that allow the site in question to be visible to users: indexing by search engines, free or paid links, directories, free keywords or sponsored links . ..

The content: keystone of a good SEO

  • The first thing to look after, and certainly the most important for a site to make an audience, is the quality of the content. Internet users who have been captivated by the information you give them will not hesitate to talk about your site. On the other hand, search engines take into account the time spent by visitors on your site. Thus, by proposing an interesting content one generates at the same time of the prescription and a better indexation.
  • Pour optimiser son référencement, il est utile d'intégrer à son contenu des mots clés susceptibles d'être recherchés par les internautes constituant la cible du site. La présence de mots clés représentatifs de l'activité du site est essentielle à la bonne indexation par les moteurs de recherche. Toutefois, il est contre productif d'entrer des séries de mots clés sans queues ni têtes. En effet, les robots d'indexation repèrent désormais ces listes de mots qui leur étaient destinées. D'autre part, cela nuit considérablement à la qualité rédactionnelle et fait invariablement fuir les internautes en quête d'informations de qualité.
  • By content, we must also understand ergonomics and visual quality. To retain users and increase the number of page views, a site must be friendly and easy to use. As far as indexing is concerned, it is essential to give an explicit title to each page as well as to design a coherent tree.